About Us

Emporio Coffee is one of the original four Wellington coffee roasters. Founders Eric and Miriam Heycoop were successful café owners before establishing Emporio and remain hands-on in all aspects of their coffee business. They understand ‘all things coffee’ and what makes a great café. 

Emporio selects 100% arabica coffee beans from around the world through ethical relationships, roasting each coffee individually. A highly-skilled crew includes roasters, educators, technicians and baristas.

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Wellington-roasted coffee for people who do good stuff.

Emporio believes in the rituals of coffee and the role it plays in the lives of people who do and make good stuff. We promise to always make beautiful coffee and be loyal, sustainable and real.

We're committed to supporting our cafes and clients, our growers across the globe, colleagues in our industry and our staff, as well as other industrious New Zealanders with the drive and passion to get the good stuff done.