Emporio turns 20 in 2020

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4 February 2020

It's 20 years since Emporio began roasting coffee in the Capital, supplying coffee to locals and businesses nationwide. We're excited to be having our big birthday in 2020.
2020 also marks an exciting new era in sustainability with the purchase of a Loring Kestrel 35 coffee roaster, the latest technology in coffee roasters. The Loring is a leader in sustainable, smokeless roasting.

Emporio is now ensuring up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to a conventional roaster. Created in 1998 by Mark Loring Ludwig, the Loring is American-made. Its single burner convection design roasts beans and incinerates the smoke, no external after burner is needed.

That means less fuel, less expense, and less environmental impact.

Already sourcing ethical beans and farming practices, the Loring is taking Emporio into its next stage of sustainability, ensuring the beans are sustainably roasted.

"Having sustainably-sourced coffee is all very well but you also need to do the right thing further down the supply chain," says Simon Maguire, Emporio General Manager, "We're taking the next step to use less energy, and omit less emissions to produce an even more highly-crafted product".

Emporio Coffee Loring coffee roaster

Simon Maguire with the new Loring roaster

The new roaster also represents a new level of quality, efficiency and unparalleled control. Fully programable roasting allows the exact reproduction of roast profiles each and every time, "Consistency and control are key, the new roaster allows us to make subtle changes to our roast profile and keep track of it," says Emporio owner, Eric Heycoop.

"We hope our customers can feel proud, they're now sourcing quality, ethical coffee from a business that has taken big steps for the environment," Eric says.

Lucas with new Emporio coffee roaster
Emporio's Lucas Sidow de Campos 

Emporio is only the second company in Wellington to purchase the Loring, the other is Havana, and one of the few in the country. 

Established in November 2000 by Eric and his wife Miriam Heycoop, Emporio remains Wellington-owned and operated. Miriam and Eric still enjoy being hands-on in the business from the Emporio HQ, in Abel Smith Street. While Emporio Coffee can be experienced at cafes across the country, Wellington regulars from nearby businesses Mediaworks, Fix & Fog, Toi Poneke, Datacom, Wellington Regional Council and Mico visit the Emporio espresso bar every morning.

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Emporio will be celebrating its birthday throughout 2020 with events and give-aways. Merchandise designed by Wellington artist, Jacqui Colley will also be launched.

Emporio has been using La Marzocco machines since the business started began 20 years ago.