Café Supply

Emporio Coffee supplies around 50 cafes and businesses nationwide and is 100% Wellington-owned and operated. Contact us if you are opening a café or considering a change in supplier.

Coffee Roasting & Sustainability

Emporio's Loring Kestrel 35 coffee roaster is the latest technology in roasters, a leader in sustainable, smokeless roasting. Emporio sees up to 80% fuel savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to a conventional roaster.

Emporio deals in quality coffee that’s ethically and sustainably sourced. Our Rainforest Alliance Certified Nicaraguan beans are from family-run farms and we work with Third Wave Coffee Source to support small farmers in Guatemala. Taking this commitment to the next stage, the Loring roaster also ensures our beans are sustainably roasted.

Customer Service

All Emporio customers enjoy personalised service, an easy ordering system, prompt delivery, full technical support, barista training and further education.

Emporio Coffee Loring coffee roaster